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Live each day as best you can

Some days are harder than others. Not everyone wakes up with sunshine smiles and a go get 'em attitude. Those of us who force smiles on days that are tough, the little win is, waking up. It's facing the day. Not crawling back into bed. Not being angry at everyone. The pressures of living everyday to its absolute fullest by social media and advertising is ridiculous. And it's not real and somewhere inside us, we know it. Don't give into that pressure, don't feel like you are under-living because people you follow post pictures of themselves in beautiful scenery do adventurous things, or making enormous purchase, or spoiling their children beyond whats necessary. It's not about all that. It's about doing what you want to do and appreciating what you can do. We are all different. We should all try and support that within ourselves and each other.

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