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Admitting I'm a helicopter Mom

This year my 11yo son is off to 6th grade, he is my youngest of two kids. He has decided that he wants to go to the bus stop on his own. Instead of feeling proud of his confidence and independence my worry immediately set in. I did not show him this feeling, just gave him an "Okay cool, look both ways before you cross the street!". Then proceeded to spy out the front window... somewhere in my journey of motherhood I became Gladys Kravitz from Bewitched.

Okay, I'll admit I have been the self-appointed "neighborhood watch" for a while. But when my husband called me out yesterday because I was still watching the bus stop out my window and the kids have been back to school for a week already... I realized I'm way more overprotective than I thought.

I'll give you my reasons for the bus stop spying and worry. For starters any parent will tell you the bus is the number one place for severe bullying, cameras or not the bus is free range for jerk kids…

Dakine back-to-school backpacks & lunch bags for the win again

If you're purchasing a backpack for back-to-school season take a look at Dakine bags! They offer lots of cool prints, sizes and serious ability to take a beating. We only purchases backpacks when needed and Dakine backpacks and their lunch bags last my kids at least 3-4 years of school abuse.

We had another year of not having to purchase either bags for school for the 16yo and the 11yo! Woot! Parenting purchase victory. Thanks Dakine. 😘