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New Puppy joins the Family

I did not post all last week because we got a puppy!!! She is adorable.
We had a Boston Terrier, we got him when we were 22-23 I think. We had been living together for 2 years, we did not train him at all (our poor roommates!) and he was this amazing surly old man all the to the end. Now we have 80lb Lab mix, who doesn't realize how big he is. He is well mannered for the most part, we are not super trainers, but he has the basics down.

For about a year and half we have talked about getting another dog. It's not an easy decision, we have busy lives and animals are expensive and take a lot of time.

We made the decision last November to start seriously looking at adopting a rescue dog. We both wanted a puppy, for multiple reasons. I had filled out about a dozen applications, not realizing it was rolling up on Christmas and never got a call back. Being like fourth or tenth in line for a pupper.

So I got tired of getting my hopes up and decided to take a break from applying. At t…

Turning 40

I'm going to be 40 in like 3 days! I'm supposed to panic right?!

It feels like most people have a sense of dread or despair for milestone birthdays like these. I don't feel that way. But I wouldn't say I'm excited either. Full disclosure I get really excited about finding a grey hair, "I'm Mom-the-Wise now!"

Birthday's are a day that I get to have all the say in activities and food choices, that's really enough for me. Mom's generally don't get that. We are often the ones who bend our wants to make the kids or spouse happy. But we are guaranteed two days a year where we can say, "everybody back off, we are eating pizza with pineapples and anything with dark chocolate!".  Nom. Nom. Nom.


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