Review: Keen Big Kids Hikeport Strap Boot

A good pair of outdoor shoes is one item I always invest in. I've gone the cheap route with big box store brand of hiking or running shoes and they start falling apart within a few months of steady use. The last two years I have purchased Keen boots for my son and they have been great. Last year we purchased the older version of the Hikeport Waterproof Mid Boot, it has a bungee closure that works really well. He liked them, he wore them, they lasted and I cleaned them really well then was able to pass them along to a friends kid.

This year we went with Keen's new twist on the Hikeport style with Velcro closure and more of a tennis shoe look. The Big Kids Hikeport Strap Midproof Mid boots are really awesome. First, the style they look super cool. I want a pair! Kids get all the cool stuff...  Second, the boots come with Keen's traditional features waterproof, odor control, lightweight and a non-marking sole. Lastly, they are super comfortable. They are comfortable enough for him to wear to school all day and they have worked great as a winter shoe so he is not freezing at the bus stop. Note: they're NOT winter boots, no insulation, but the waterproof and leather worked better than tennis shoes. My 10yo chooses these shoes over others almost every day. His other favorite is Crocs, so that should give you an idea of his comfort expectations. They are also super easy to clean, just a little water, a rag or scrubber, and all the muck washes away.

Boots after a hike.
Boots after a quick wipe down. Clean of mud!

Words from the little man of what he likes most: "They are very comfortable, I can walk in creeks and I just like the color a lot, they look cool."

You can read more about the features, material, and care on the Keen website. But Odin has given these shoes a 🍕🍕🍕🍕out of 5 pizza slice rating. (Note: To earn a 5/5 from this kid would have taken a pizza delivered when his shoes arrived in the mail.)

Playing in the creek!

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