IKEA RASKOG Utility Cart - sewing trolley

I just got an email from IKEA that I need to buy a RASKOG utility cart. Dear IKEA, I already own one and it is pretty awesome! I inherited it from the hubby. He used this handy little cart for art supplies for several years. Eventually, his supplies outgrew the carts capability. Let's just say he has a whole room to keep all his art stuff in, it's like the equivalent of his "man-cave", but its an "art-cave".

Anyways! The RASKOG actually worked really well for organizing my sewing supplies into one location. It fits perfectly in our dining room closet during those rare occasions where I generally sew. I have to take off the little extension table, but it holds all my thread, needles, basic sewing supplies. Wheel it out when I need it. Look how adorable it is! Looks like it is not available in the mint color anymore like mine but it is available in; black, beige and brown. And it only costs $25 for this little sturdy trolley.

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