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Review: REI stuff for Bicycle Times

Woohoo! I did a long-term review on REI Co-op Quarter Dome 1-person tent, Flash Insulated Air Sleeping Pad, and Magma 17 Sleeping Bag. Yes, it is a positive review, no it is not paid content or "advertorial". REI is making quality stuff these days. They have continued to listen to their members and they have been surrounded by well-known brands for years if they did not make a great product I'd be seriously concerned. I did have one gripe, read the full review at

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Social Media love it or hate it

In June of 2017, I declared I had deleted my Facebook account. And it was nice. I felt like I could have a legit conversation with people about what they have been up to and actually not know what they have been up to. I also felt like I was out of the loop on a lot of avid Facebook-er knowledge or jokes. Which I didn't mind so much.

Inevitably I rejoined Facebook this month. Why would I do this you ask? Regardless of its downward trend in social media engagement, likeability, and it is a place where people post angry religious or political posts (which was a major reason why I had to walk away) it still a relevant community to be part of. We are in a day and age where we all get to have our very own audience and our online presence is like a kind of weird resume. Unless I'm going completely off the grid with no technology, in my own eyes I'm just a hypocrite. What really makes one social media, better or worse than the other? They do the same thing for us, boost our confi…

Review: Keen Big Kids Hikeport Strap Boot

A good pair of outdoor shoes is one item I always invest in. I've gone the cheap route with big box store brand of hiking or running shoes and they start falling apart within a few months of steady use. The last two years I have purchased Keen boots for my son and they have been great. Last year we purchased the older version of the Hikeport Waterproof Mid Boot, it has a bungee closure that works really well. He liked them, he wore them, they lasted and I cleaned them really well then was able to pass them along to a friends kid.

This year we went with Keen's new twist on the Hikeport style with Velcro closure and more of a tennis shoe look. The Big Kids Hikeport Strap Midproof Mid boots are really awesome. First, the style they look super cool. I want a pair! Kids get all the cool stuff...  Second, the boots come with Keen's traditional features waterproof, odor control, lightweight and a non-marking sole. Lastly, they are super comfortable. They are comfortable enough fo…

Kids Manners - electronics rant

Tablets and cell phones are everywhere. Some of us might complain about it, but they are not going anywhere anytime soon. We see kids on cell phones and tablets in shopping carts and at older siblings sports. Just everywhere right. One thing I must rant about is the volume control...

Every time we are at swim practice or in a grocery store, basically, in any public setting there is a kid on an electronic device with the volume up. I know as a Mom we occasionally have (or had) to watch toddler shows that make us want to punch purple dinosaurs, but why make all of us deal with that?! I put in my years of toddler TV, I'm done! I don't want to listen to a kids television program or the beeps of a video game. Turn the volume off or buy a pair of dollar store headphones. 

Let me also point at some adults who do this... wth?! Just stop it, it's rude. Let's make everyone's life a little easier, lessen how aggro we are with each other and just be respectful of our surround…

IKEA RASKOG Utility Cart - sewing trolley

I just got an email from IKEA that I need to buy a RASKOG utility cart. Dear IKEA, I already own one and it is pretty awesome! I inherited it from the hubby. He used this handy little cart for art supplies for several years. Eventually, his supplies outgrew the carts capability. Let's just say he has a whole room to keep all his art stuff in, it's like the equivalent of his "man-cave", but its an "art-cave".

Anyways! The RASKOG actually worked really well for organizing my sewing supplies into one location. It fits perfectly in our dining room closet during those rare occasions where I generally sew. I have to take off the little extension table, but it holds all my thread, needles, basic sewing supplies. Wheel it out when I need it. Look how adorable it is! Looks like it is not available in the mint color anymore like mine but it is available in; black, beige and brown. And it only costs $25 for this little sturdy trolley.

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Turning 40

I'm going to be 40 in like 3 days! I'm supposed to panic right?!

It feels like most people have a sense of dread or despair for milestone birthdays like these. I don't feel that way. But I wouldn't say I'm excited either. Full disclosure I get really excited about finding a grey hair, "I'm Mom-the-Wise now!"

Birthday's are a day that I get to have all the say in activities and food choices, that's really enough for me. Mom's generally don't get that. We are often the ones who bend our wants to make the kids or spouse happy. But we are guaranteed two days a year where we can say, "everybody back off, we are eating pizza with pineapples and anything with dark chocolate!".  Nom. Nom. Nom.

New Year Resolutions - Update! I have not done much

New Year Resolutions - Update! I have not done much
A couple weeks ago I was super pumped about my New Year's Resolutions. I have a couple ongoing yearly reminders, a task that has been on my "get it done" list for 2 years, and so on. Read more about it here.
Quick update... I have kind of started, but not really. I did play D&D with the family, killed some giant rats with the kids and we ran away from a gelatinous cube. That was awesome. And I helped the hubby accept his/our relationship with Facebook and its enormous reach. I know we are only 2-weeks into the new year and I need to calm down. Noope. Not gonna happen. *My eye is twitching right now just thinking about this!
So, I'm adding another new year goal: Calm the Fudgsicle down!
Yeah, our water heater broke while it was below freezing and we got hit with an unexpected ginormous auto repair bill. But my lower-income-single-mom-raised life helps me recognize that I have food in the fridge and a roof over my h…