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Marriage is hard work

Long-term relationships and marriage is hard work.  There is no "it should be easy" or "it should just come naturally and happen." Noooope.

I've been in a few conversations the past couple months about relationships and marriages, trials and tribulations. Let me reassure everyone out there that is experiencing this sense of frustration, marriage and relationships are difficult. The tip of the iceberg is you have to support each other when you don't necessarily have the energy, you have to compromise when you don't always want to and it has to be a two-way street.

Every household has it's own list of challenges. My husband and I both work full-time for the same company and we both telecommute a few days a a week. I'm technically his boss, we have two kids, we own an old house that keeps falling apart a little more every year, we are one car household, we lived on a tight budget, we have a dog and cat. Some days he stares at me with dagger eyes an…