Why garden

A few years ago we had in our small yard packed with 4 garden beds and a green bean teepee. We even winter gardened. Read more here on that fun. Since then it has been reduced to one garden box, a few potted plants and a small corner. With a full-time job, parent duties and too many hobbies I could not keep up with it. Even with help from the family.

So I asked myself is gardening saving me any money? Because saving money is important to me. A little handwork can save you money, right. From my experience the answer is maybe; $100 on starter plants, at least $100 in output of vegetables if you're not hit with blight, bugs or groundhogs (or any other hungry critter who thinks you made them a buffet). That is not counting daily hours of work. If you can grow from seed, your outgoing cost will go down but that comes with it's own challenges and more work hours. Growing from seed only works every so often for me, and I realized I was buying double; seed than starter. So, maybe I saved money... but it feels like I break even every year on the budget front. *I have tried to save seeds for the following year, I'm must not be doing it right. Never succeeded.

caddyshack gopher
"Cinderella story." - go watch Caddyshack

Why do I still even have a garden then?
1. Teach the kids how to grow their own food.
2.  It's rewarding. The kids learn that hard work results in delicious food for the whole family.
3.  It's a reason to go outside everyday. It is a daily activity; weed, water, nurture.
4.  It is really nice to walk outside and just pluck a zucchini for dinner.

I claim that our current garden belongs to the 10yo. But I do most of the work. Surprised out there Mom's. He loves pulling the ripe veggies and help water sometimes. I enjoy that to, so we share the fun parts. It's also a cool bonding experience with your kids.

Right now we are growing; lettuce, green beans, zucchini, tomatoes and cucumbers.

Planting things we eat a lot of and are not to hard to grow. So here is to hoping you get to enjoy gardening this spring/summer. It really is a nice reason to go outside everyday, a box garden, a bed, a few tomatoes in pots, whatever. Its also good to put down the phone and enjoy some the outside world.

green bean circle
Green Beans are super easy to grow! I actually do these from seed and succeed.

small garden box bed
One bed. I spend about 30-60minutes a day maintaining.

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