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There are a few outdoor websites & e-newsletters I find to be very useful for family adventures, planning and inspiration to get outside.


Reserve America is a campsite reservation website for facilities associated with the US Forestry Department. This is where you can book federal forest related camping. You get your running water, flush toilets, tent, RV and sometimes electric hookup sites. I like federal camp areas because the Rangers do not tolerate campers who are loud after quiet hours. independent campgrounds its not as strict and you could have to listen to the same country song played over and over again until your father-in-law loses it at about midnight.

I received an email today from Reserve America that was "Great last minute campsites" and listed all the places within my state that have open campsites this weekend. Any easier than this would be setup my camper and make me a s'more.

If you want more private owned campgrounds, sign up for HipCamp.This site has both federal campgrounds and private. I really use it more for finding private hideaway type places. Not all campgrounds are on this website. It's super easy to navigate. If you create an account you can rate the campground and give people some incite on what they are in for. People can list property here that travelers can camp on. So I can list my yard and tell folks passing through they can pitch a tent or park an RV at my house. I don't do that because I have on street parking and a small yard. And I am fearful of dealing with the occasional rude, sloppy traveler.... But the site is great!


The Rails to Trails Conservancy is a great resource for rails to trails networks. This is a great site to look for trails with beautiful views. Slow bike movement! Enjoy the scenery and history along these trials. I keep trying to convince myself to do another long distance backpacking trip weekend with the hubby.

MTB Project, in an easy to use website and app for mountain bike trails. If you are new to mountain biking this is a super useful app to get you started finding new trails.

Camping is fun. I need to do it more.


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