Great family board games - June 2017 edition

We love board games in our house! It is a great family activity. You do have to make sure everyone is friendly and leave any overly competitive behavior at the door. We try and have board game night at least once a week. Because of that we have managed to accumulate a decent amount of games. (It's a great non-toy gift for the kids for holidays.) Our kids are at an age where we are no longer playing toddler games! *happy-parent-dance*

I bought this for the hubby for Xmas and we played it a lot over winter.
If you are a fantasy fan this game is super fun. Based off a Dungeons and Dragons theme but a fraction of the time and none of the work that goes into creating a traditional D&D campaign. You move through the dungeon, battling monsters by rolling the dice. Gain treasures and valuables to help you defeat creatures on your travel. The characters in the game to choose from vary in skill level. You get a breakdown of what rooms, or levels, are best suited for your character. You don't have to stick with those rooms, but it makes for a more fun game if you have a couple young kiddos playing. My 9yo loves this game and he was able to pick up on it pretty easily. The 14yo also enjoys being a dark wizard and killing monsters. Awww... so much like her Dad.
Game time is about an hour.

Exploding Kittens
If you have not played this game you are missing out. We have the "family friendly" version. Make sure you choose the appropriate one. The adult on says right on the box "NSFW Adult Only". The cards are super fun; beard cat, taco cat, exploding cats, a pig-a-corn.... so much funny happening. It's a card game where you hope to not pull an exploding cat from the card pile, if you do I hope you have a diffuse card. The game is from the creator of The Oatmeal.
Game time is 20-30 minutes.

So much good!

Man Bites Dog
This is an inexpensive, travel friendly, short game. It's perfect for the nights where the 10yo really wants to play a game, the hubby and I are just exhausted. It funny and the rules are easy to follow. Everyone gets cards, you create a newspaper headline and keep score. There are "rules" that if the headline doesn't make sense you don't get points. We are flexible with this, as the point it to have fun but we do try and make the headline make some kind of sense.
Game time 10-15 minutes.

Naked General Saves Secret!
One of our family rules that we try not to bend to often is eating at the dinner table as a family. No electronics allowed. After everyone finishes their after dinner tasks; dishes, clean up, trash duty, walk the dog, etc. We gather back at the table for some board game fun. Not every night ends in laughter, but most of them do and those make it worth it. Go spend time laughing with your kids and spouse.

Some of our past favorite board games here.

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