Why I deleted my Facebook account

Many people are asking themselves the same question I asked myself, "Why did I just spend 20+ minutes scrolling through this stuff..." Then I think, "I'll NEVER get those 20 minutes back!" Considering that I work in publishing and online media I should probably not be encouraging folks to delete their Facebook or any other accounts. But guess what, I'm going to anyway.

Morpheus knows.

There is a huge list of why I couldn't waste anymore time on Facebook. Why would I waste your time going through that. I'm sure you have a pretty good idea of what I'm talking about.

How about this, instead let me tell what I have done in the past week now that I no longer look at Facebook. I read two graphic novels that have been sitting on my desk for over a month, played board games with the kids more, sat with the teenagers 3 times and had long conversations, listen to podcasts, started running again, went for a bike ride and made banana bread. All of these things I did without taking a photo and posting about it, instead I just enjoyed it. Nothing more. And it feels really good.

Some people might have better self control than I do with their smartphones and social media. But every time I am at my kids sports team practice or music concert all I see is people staring at their phones.  Maybe they are reading?! But... I kinda doubt it.

Whoever came up with this.. <3.

I asked myself what is Facebook really doing for me. I went through the reasons I had come up with to keep the account for the past year of contemplation:
Do I actually have engaging conversations with people on it? No.
Do I really stay connected to family? No.
Are people I kind of knew from High School still my friends? (WERE THEY EVER!!! LOL.) No.
Do I get news I want to read? No. I still go to news websites and read the daily frustrations.
Does it make me happy? No. <--Right there is where I said "delete".

So I signed up for e-newsletters from my favorite media websites. Subscribed to a few more podcasts. Added a few more books to my reading list. And I am looking into a paper newspaper subscription.

It is a challenge to not look at social media or screens in general. I still subscribe to Instagram, but I've hidden the app in a folder on my phone in the hopes to be tempted less. I also have a Twitter account I haven't looked at in ages... should probably delete that.

I work on a screen all day and social media is a big part of my job. But I don't believe its the future everyone seems to think it is. Algorithms and behavioral programming is making social media untrustworthy and unreliable. Add current news and it's a recipe of anger and stress for me. Get away from your social media for just one week and see how it goes, you might just like it.


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