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Great family board games - June 2017 edition

We love board games in our house! It is a great family activity. You do have to make sure everyone is friendly and leave any overly competitive behavior at the door. We try and have board game night at least once a week. Because of that we have managed to accumulate a decent amount of games. (It's a great non-toy gift for the kids for holidays.) Our kids are at an age where we are no longer playing toddler games! *happy-parent-dance*

I bought this for the hubby for Xmas and we played it a lot over winter.
If you are a fantasy fan this game is super fun. Based off a Dungeons and Dragons theme but a fraction of the time and none of the work that goes into creating a traditional D&D campaign. You move through the dungeon, battling monsters by rolling the dice. Gain treasures and valuables to help you defeat creatures on your travel. The characters in the game to choose from vary in skill level. You get a breakdown of what rooms, or levels, are best suited for your charact…

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There are a few outdoor websites & e-newsletters I find to be very useful for family adventures, planning and inspiration to get outside.


Reserve America is a campsite reservation website for facilities associated with the US Forestry Department. This is where you can book federal forest related camping. You get your running water, flush toilets, tent, RV and sometimes electric hookup sites. I like federal camp areas because the Rangers do not tolerate campers who are loud after quiet hours. independent campgrounds its not as strict and you could have to listen to the same country song played over and over again until your father-in-law loses it at about midnight.

I received an email today from Reserve America that was "Great last minute campsites" and listed all the places within my state that have open campsites this weekend. Any easier than this would be setup my camper and make me a s'more.

If you want more private owned campgrounds, sign up for HipCamp.T…

Why I deleted my Facebook account

Many people are asking themselves the same question I asked myself, "Why did I just spend 20+ minutes scrolling through this stuff..." Then I think, "I'll NEVER get those 20 minutes back!" Considering that I work in publishing and online media I should probably not be encouraging folks to delete their Facebook or any other accounts. But guess what, I'm going to anyway.

There is a huge list of why I couldn't waste anymore time on Facebook. Why would I waste your time going through that. I'm sure you have a pretty good idea of what I'm talking about.

How about this, instead let me tell what I have done in the past week now that I no longer look at Facebook. I read two graphic novels that have been sitting on my desk for over a month, played board games with the kids more, sat with the teenagers 3 times and had long conversations, listen to podcasts, started running again, went for a bike ride and made banana bread. All of these things I did witho…