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Winter sanity check

Is it spring yet? We've been living in Pittsburgh for 13 years, still... winter can kiss the plumpest part of my bottom. My guess is growing up in Ventura, CA and spending summers in Yuma, AZ has made me cringe at winter every time the season comes around. The hubby and I have tried over the years to "get into" winter activities but it always ends with two rather unhappy and whiny individuals.

Yes, yes, yes I work for a bicycle publishing company and I should suck it up and go ride. And sometimes I do, I will muster the ride to the store or a quick ride on the local trails if things are not muddy. But its rare I can talk myself into it (much easier to talk myself out of it) and its not nearly at the capacity I ride from Spring-Fall.

I definitely get the winter blues and with everything going on in the news it seems likes its tripled this year. So, whats my remedy for winter-stuck-inside-dreary-day-blues?... The answer is... wait for it... any kind of physical activity o…