Nagging tasks, politics and opinion

I did it! I scrubbed the kitchen, its sparkles like a bucket of glitter.  One January task done. Yet I am still antsy and unable to sit still. I do not usually talk politics or religion on my social media outlets or my blog. It's not my area of expertise but I do have an opinion and a voice and I need to say a few things. (steps onto soapbox.)

When I get stressed, worried or anxious I clean. There is something therapeutic in it for me. Maybe it has to do with some of my family being pack-rats, or cleaning my Grams house and it resulting in excitement when I found the floor. I spent my summer picking up Grams and my Dads house, hiding from the 101+ heat of southern AZ.  Or watching soap operas and watering the garden at 6am with my Grams. My Dad had "bunny ears" on his TV at the property with aluminum foil to get PBS, so Bob Ross was pretty amazing. My last excursion to Yuma was in 2012, need to get back, but I digress. Lately I have been wanting to clean a lot.

Maybe part of that is work and an increase in responsibilities and the desire to succeed. But I think its a combination of worry for my children, all children, for women, for minorities, for the environment, and more.

With everything going on in the United States it is obvious I have been to complacent during the Obama years. I wasn't happy with everything the President did. But I do not deny it is a tough job to try and find a middle ground to make all citizens content. Not happy, just content. Not everyone was sitting and watching though, people were fighting as deportation numbers rose under the Obama Administration. And being part Mexican-Indian I cannot deny my anger with this or with the lack of change to the "no child left behind" until 2015.

But here we are. With a a President who openly has disrespected basically anyone who questions  or disagrees with him.

So what do we do.
I know I will be doing the following:
Call and snail mail my State Representatives consistently (once  week)
Donate money to causes I believe in (monthly small donations that I can afford, every penny helps)
Educate my children to the best of ability

Don't forget to live! Take time to myself.
This is important for everyone. Go ride a bike, hike, read, yoga, meditate, whatever floats your boat. But in order to be active and not let anger and frustration take all your energy you must have time for you.

Let's hope that these 4yrs will result in bringing a community together who believes in; equal rights, women's rights, belief in science and facts, affordable education for youth, free speech and will reject corruption. (bow to crowd and steps off soapbox)

Props to my husband who shared this great document with me by Jennifer Hoffman. Follow her blog for a weekly action checklist for positive change.

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