January - resolution, nagging tasks

January is already almost over... Ugh!
This month I have been trying to tackle a couple nagging tasks in the hopes that it would boost my energy a little. And it would encourage me to continue tackling theses types of things over the year. Things rarely go as planned.

I was going to scrub my kitchen from top to bottom because its overdue, but my busted ears got the best of me and I ended up with vertigo symptoms in bed... I wanted to scrape and paint my dining room because the paint is pealing so bad that it might just be a crack in time (where is Dr. Who when you need him!) but doing that involves a complete overhaul of the room. And removing your backdoor in winter isn't a good plan

Crack in time! Just like my dining room. - Dr. Who season 5.

I did accomplish a few things. I manage to help my Ma clean and rearrange her bedroom. With my neurotic cleaning it meant vacuuming 5 times under everything, dusting, taking loads of trash down 3 flights of stairs, trying to force her to to throw things away that seem meaningless to me but not to her and yelling at her whenever she tried to move something she shouldn't.  In the end she got a nice clean room and she is happy. That makes me happy.

I also have made it to my ear Doctor for an overdue check-up. And am off to see my lady doctor for an over-due physical. Get my haircut this week as well. So a few nagging tasks almost done that were not on the checklist. I'll take it.

But January is not over! I am still convinced I will thoroughly clean my kitchen. My b-day is next weekend somehow I see cleaning my kitchen to be a gift to myself.

clean it like you mean it
Clean it like you mean it!

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