2017 New Year Resolutions

I try and make resolution every year. I may or may not keep them but trying is the point.
This year I resolve to be happier. I enjoy making people happy, making people laugh. This year I feel like people might need it even more than they have before.
In order to continue to obtain happiness and increase my own joy I plan to:
  1. Boost my energy.
  2. Take care of myself.
  3. Love more.
  4. Make time for friends.
  5. Get outside more.
  6. Pursue a passion.
  7. Read & self-educate more. 
  8. Aim higher.
Being happy is exhausting and often happiness is drained by surrounding negativity. So wish me luck!

What is your resolution? Big or small its worth trying.

Sometimes I pretend to be an astronaut.


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