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New Year Resolutions - annoyance or reminder

I have hear every year that resolutions are just another annoyance and pointless. Well, I disagree. Making New Year's resolutions is a way to remind yourself to stay on top of your personal goals or any nagging tasks. I try and make resolutions every year and a half are usually reoccurring from the past several years; exercise more, read more and eat healthier.

Let's face it following through with a goal is difficult. Having a yearly reminder of those goals can be helpful to make another attempt to accomplish them. I have had the goal of sorting and purging all my photos for the past 2-years and have yet to follow through with it. 2018 is the year it's going to happen! Generally, I look to make 4-6 resolutions every year. I make a few that are very attainable and a few that will push me out of my comfort zone. In 2017, I had a goal to read every Neil Gaiman novel, and I did. For me, that was an attainable and fun goal.

Here are my 2018 resolutions:
Go through my photos and…

Marriage is hard work

Long-term relationships and marriage is hard work.  There is no "it should be easy" or "it should just come naturally and happen." Noooope.

I've been in a few conversations the past couple months about relationships and marriages, trials and tribulations. Let me reassure everyone out there that is experiencing this sense of frustration, marriage and relationships are difficult. The tip of the iceberg is you have to support each other when you don't necessarily have the energy, you have to compromise when you don't always want to and it has to be a two-way street.

Every household has it's own list of challenges. My husband and I both work full-time for the same company and we both telecommute a few days a a week. I'm technically his boss, we have two kids, we own an old house that keeps falling apart a little more every year, we are one car household, we lived on a tight budget, we have a dog and cat. Some days he stares at me with dagger eyes an…

A weekend of mountain bike fun

Had the opportunity last weekend to hang with a bunch of awesome ladies. As someone who's only socialization is often work only I was stoked to go on a weekend of mountain biking and floating in the lake.

I highly recommend all the ladies out there to coordinate a camp trip, bike, hike, whatever your into and take a weekend to just have some fun.

Have to catch up with work and to-do's but I will write more later!

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Why garden

A few years ago we had in our small yard packed with 4 garden beds and a green bean teepee. We even winter gardened. Read more here on that fun. Since then it has been reduced to one garden box, a few potted plants and a small corner. With a full-time job, parent duties and too many hobbies I could not keep up with it. Even with help from the family.

So I asked myself is gardening saving me any money? Because saving money is important to me. A little handwork can save you money, right. From my experience the answer is maybe; $100 on starter plants, at least $100 in output of vegetables if you're not hit with blight, bugs or groundhogs (or any other hungry critter who thinks you made them a buffet). That is not counting daily hours of work. If you can grow from seed, your outgoing cost will go down but that comes with it's own challenges and more work hours. Growing from seed only works every so often for me, and I realized I was buying double; seed than starter. So, maybe I s…

Turn off your phone at the movies

Dear people who love their cell phone too much,

Please turn off your phone when you go to the movies. It's just polite.
Going to the movies is a luxury for my family of four. Its expensive for us.
Don't ruin the good time people around you are trying to have.
Even if its dimmed it is distracting.

Stop it.

Thank you.
Nearly Outdoor Mom

Great family board games - June 2017 edition

We love board games in our house! It is a great family activity. You do have to make sure everyone is friendly and leave any overly competitive behavior at the door. We try and have board game night at least once a week. Because of that we have managed to accumulate a decent amount of games. (It's a great non-toy gift for the kids for holidays.) Our kids are at an age where we are no longer playing toddler games! *happy-parent-dance*

I bought this for the hubby for Xmas and we played it a lot over winter.
If you are a fantasy fan this game is super fun. Based off a Dungeons and Dragons theme but a fraction of the time and none of the work that goes into creating a traditional D&D campaign. You move through the dungeon, battling monsters by rolling the dice. Gain treasures and valuables to help you defeat creatures on your travel. The characters in the game to choose from vary in skill level. You get a breakdown of what rooms, or levels, are best suited for your charact…

Subscribe to these outdoor Websites & E-Newsletters

There are a few outdoor websites & e-newsletters I find to be very useful for family adventures, planning and inspiration to get outside.


Reserve America is a campsite reservation website for facilities associated with the US Forestry Department. This is where you can book federal forest related camping. You get your running water, flush toilets, tent, RV and sometimes electric hookup sites. I like federal camp areas because the Rangers do not tolerate campers who are loud after quiet hours. independent campgrounds its not as strict and you could have to listen to the same country song played over and over again until your father-in-law loses it at about midnight.

I received an email today from Reserve America that was "Great last minute campsites" and listed all the places within my state that have open campsites this weekend. Any easier than this would be setup my camper and make me a s'more.

If you want more private owned campgrounds, sign up for HipCamp.T…

Why I deleted my Facebook account

Many people are asking themselves the same question I asked myself, "Why did I just spend 20+ minutes scrolling through this stuff..." Then I think, "I'll NEVER get those 20 minutes back!" Considering that I work in publishing and online media I should probably not be encouraging folks to delete their Facebook or any other accounts. But guess what, I'm going to anyway.

There is a huge list of why I couldn't waste anymore time on Facebook. Why would I waste your time going through that. I'm sure you have a pretty good idea of what I'm talking about.

How about this, instead let me tell what I have done in the past week now that I no longer look at Facebook. I read two graphic novels that have been sitting on my desk for over a month, played board games with the kids more, sat with the teenagers 3 times and had long conversations, listen to podcasts, started running again, went for a bike ride and made banana bread. All of these things I did witho…

Winter sanity check

Is it spring yet? We've been living in Pittsburgh for 13 years, still... winter can kiss the plumpest part of my bottom. My guess is growing up in Ventura, CA and spending summers in Yuma, AZ has made me cringe at winter every time the season comes around. The hubby and I have tried over the years to "get into" winter activities but it always ends with two rather unhappy and whiny individuals.

Yes, yes, yes I work for a bicycle publishing company and I should suck it up and go ride. And sometimes I do, I will muster the ride to the store or a quick ride on the local trails if things are not muddy. But its rare I can talk myself into it (much easier to talk myself out of it) and its not nearly at the capacity I ride from Spring-Fall.

I definitely get the winter blues and with everything going on in the news it seems likes its tripled this year. So, whats my remedy for winter-stuck-inside-dreary-day-blues?... The answer is... wait for it... any kind of physical activity o…

Snail mail & phone calls

Quick post this morning, busy week ahead!

Don't forget that the confirmation votes for Betsy Devos and Jeff Sessions are tomorrow. If you are against these nominations call your senators and call:
Call: Senate HELP Committee Chair, Lamar Alexander (R-TN) 202-224-4944 Call: HELP Committee Ranking Member, Patty Murray (D-WA) 202-224-2621
"Hi. I am calling to oppose Betsy Davos for secretary of education." 

 For Jeff Sessions:
Call: Senate Judiciary Committee Chair, Chuck Grassley (R-IA) 202-224-3744 Call: SJJC Ranking Member, Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) 202-224-3841
"Hi. I'm calling to oppose Jeff Sessions for Attorney General"

This weekend I went out and stocked up on blank cards to mail my state representative and senators. I will simply be writing on my opposition of my top 3 most important issues. "Hello I am resident of xxx. I am writing to oppose..." Short and sweet.

I found 8 packs of cards in the dollar section at my local Target. You can also make yo…

Nagging tasks, politics and opinion

I did it! I scrubbed the kitchen, its sparkles like a bucket of glitter.  One January task done. Yet I am still antsy and unable to sit still. I do not usually talk politics or religion on my social media outlets or my blog. It's not my area of expertise but I do have an opinion and a voice and I need to say a few things. (steps onto soapbox.)

When I get stressed, worried or anxious I clean. There is something therapeutic in it for me. Maybe it has to do with some of my family being pack-rats, or cleaning my Grams house and it resulting in excitement when I found the floor. I spent my summer picking up Grams and my Dads house, hiding from the 101+ heat of southern AZ.  Or watching soap operas and watering the garden at 6am with my Grams. My Dad had "bunny ears" on his TV at the property with aluminum foil to get PBS, so Bob Ross was pretty amazing. My last excursion to Yuma was in 2012, need to get back, but I digress. Lately I have been wanting to clean a lot.

Maybe par…

January - resolution, nagging tasks

January is already almost over... Ugh!
This month I have been trying to tackle a couple nagging tasks in the hopes that it would boost my energy a little. And it would encourage me to continue tackling theses types of things over the year. Things rarely go as planned.

I was going to scrub my kitchen from top to bottom because its overdue, but my busted ears got the best of me and I ended up with vertigo symptoms in bed... I wanted to scrape and paint my dining room because the paint is pealing so bad that it might just be a crack in time (where is Dr. Who when you need him!) but doing that involves a complete overhaul of the room. And removing your backdoor in winter isn't a good plan

I did accomplish a few things. I manage to help my Ma clean and rearrange her bedroom. With my neurotic cleaning it meant vacuuming 5 times under everything, dusting, taking loads of trash down 3 flights of stairs, trying to force her to to throw things away that seem meaningless to me but not to he…

2017 New Year Resolutions

I try and make resolution every year. I may or may not keep them but trying is the point.
This year I resolve to be happier. I enjoy making people happy, making people laugh. This year I feel like people might need it even more than they have before.
In order to continue to obtain happiness and increase my own joy I plan to:
Boost my energy.Take care of myself. Love more.Make time for friends. Get outside more.Pursue a passion.Read & self-educate more. Aim higher. Being happy is exhausting and often happiness is drained by surrounding negativity. So wish me luck!

What is your resolution? Big or small its worth trying.

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