Enjoy today

I was gifted the book "Hardcore Zen" from the hubby on our 17-year anniversary. Taking on a new role at work and already being a bit of a workaholic and stress-ball, this book is exactly what I needed. I've always enjoyed the idea of Buddhism, but have never wanted to latch on to a "religion". If you find yourself in a similar situation, pick it up. It's worth reading. But, I'm not here to talk about that.

There are many things I really connected to and enjoyed about this book. One, among many, that stood out to me is the need to not always have to make everything so grand. Put so much pressure on the future. Yes, I want to see as many national parks and beautiful places as I can in this life, but I can also appreciate my daily walk with the dog. Enjoy the the little mushrooms growing in the fall, the leaves changing colors and my dog happy as can be. Yes, I want to help people on a grand scale, but I can also take my Mom to the grocery store or doctor. Or I can be an ear and give support to friends and family when needed. Yes, I want my children to grow into adulthood as confident and good human beings able to attend college if they want. But I can stop worrying about that and enjoy the dinner conversation about their school day or admire my 14yo's growing adult-like sarcasm and the 9yo's need to debate everything.

I will accomplish many adventures, help people and support my kids as I go along in life.
But I can enjoy today and not stress about the future or dwell on the past.

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