Family Adventure -Pittsburgh to Acadia Part-1 Bantam, CT

Last month we embarked on an epic family adventure. We drove from the suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA to Acadia National Park, Maine. Stopping in Connecticut on the way up and back. We loaded up the truck and pop-up trailer with; canoe, life vests, paddles, 4 bikes with helmets and hydration bags, a ton of food, clothes, an assortment of shoes and rain jackets. Somehow it all fit. In the truck we packed ourselves and a pile of things for the kids to do, my work stuff so I could tackle things as we drove. Downloaded a few audio books, made the dog a comfy spot in the back of the truck and off we went.

The decision to stop halfway and camp for a couple days had its good and bad. Our first stop was White Memorial Conservation Center in Bantam, CT it was about an 8 hour drive with stops. The good; it was beautiful and we did a ton of hiking. The kids hunted for frogs and toads, we found beaver lodges, and a lot of birds, the campsite followed the quiet hours regardless of some early evening partying. There were also no electric hook-up sites and our Verizon hot-spot did not work, so we had little access to be able to work and play with our devices. Definitely a good thing. We had a solar panel set-up, but we were figuring out how to use it so it was slow-going.

Canoeing on Bantam Lake, CT

Marshes gave us the opportunity to hunt for wildlife.

Odin on the hunt.

Love all the lily pads and sounds of frogs.

So many water lilies.

Darby caught her first frog all by herself.
The bad; rain (I know you can't control the weather....), some of the worst pit toilets I've ever been in, the mosquitoes proved that no matter how much bug spray you use they are going to find the sweet spot on you, and we realized that *setting up and taking down camp after a two-day stint wasn't ideal when a day of driving was on the agenda.

*I must note that our pop-up is old and it is a manual lift, no crank, no auto, we have to lift it up and set the braces. Which has its pro's and cons, you can see pictures of the pop-up here from our first trip with it.

Waiting out the rain.

In the end we had a lot of fun regardless of some rain and I wouldn't be opposed to returning to this place but I may consider bringing our own toilet system as our camper does not have one.

Best family photo ever.

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