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Family Adventure - Pittsburgh to Acadia Part-2 Acadia, ME

After a few days in Bantam, CT we hit the road for another 8 hour drive up to Acadia, Maine.

We stayed at Seawall Campground for the entire week, arrived Sunday and left the following Sunday. I really liked this campground, due to its proximity to the ocean. We could ride our bikes and be playing in tide-pools in 5-minutes. You could smell the beach in the morning at the campsite, walk down to catch the sun rise and set. The campground had a small amphitheater that held ranger talks, Stephen & Odin attended a bat one that they reported was totally awesome.This campground is also located on the "quiet side" of the island.

The good, we hiked, biked, played in tide-pools, attended ranger talks, laughed around the campfire and saw a lot of beautiful sites.

There are 45-miles of carriage roads in Acadia National Park. They were built by John D. Rockefeller Jr. & family from 1913-1940. There are a lot of different entry points, occasional pit toilets, wild blueberry's…

Family Adventure -Pittsburgh to Acadia Part-1 Bantam, CT

Last month we embarked on an epic family adventure. We drove from the suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA to Acadia National Park, Maine. Stopping in Connecticut on the way up and back. We loaded up the truck and pop-up trailer with; canoe, life vests, paddles, 4 bikes with helmets and hydration bags, a ton of food, clothes, an assortment of shoes and rain jackets. Somehow it all fit. In the truck we packed ourselves and a pile of things for the kids to do, my work stuff so I could tackle things as we drove. Downloaded a few audio books, made the dog a comfy spot in the back of the truck and off we went.

The decision to stop halfway and camp for a couple days had its good and bad. Our first stop was White Memorial Conservation Center in Bantam, CT it was about an 8 hour drive with stops. The good; it was beautiful and we did a ton of hiking. The kids hunted for frogs and toads, we found beaver lodges, and a lot of birds, the campsite followed the quiet hours regardless of some early evening par…