Family Adventure - Virginia Beach, First Landing State Park

The middle of May was Odin's B-day and he requested to go to the beach. The hubby are not going to say no a beach adventure! Both of us grew up mostly in the beach town of Ventura, CA. We both miss the ocean a lot and hadn't been to a legit ocean beach in a while. So off we went!

We hillbilly glamped at First Landing State Park, VA. There are tent and rv camping accommodations. Some of the tent camping is secluded by trees or a short walk from the car. Trees! Trees! Trees! Great hammock capability in all the spots I saw. Lots of good rv spots, some more secluded than others and a very short walk to the beach.

Always nice to be surrounded by trees when you car-camp.

Warning, the local coastguard has training drills in the evening and it scared the poo out of us when we heard it. It did have right on the camp paper we were given to expect these, but we hadn't read it the first night. (Note to self, read the info when you arrive). They were shooting off flares and yelling "TURN OFF THE ENGINE! YOU! YOU! ENGINE OFF!". We both chuckled thinking, those young whipper-snappers are at it again.
*There is a cut-off time to complete the drills so you are not woken up at 1am by it.

The 5-minute walk to the beach was so great. We found all kinds of fun beach items; dried up mermaids purses, crab skeletons, drift wood, etc. Lots of fun things to look at under the microscope.

We found a crazed beach lobster kid.

There is a Food Lion, grocery store just 5 minutes drive down the road or take the bike lanes there and back. If you want to drive further you can find a Trader Joes in town. Lots of restaurants, its a tourist town. We cooked at the campground all weekend but plan on hitting up some of the sushi places next time we're there.

All of the family, mostly the dog, had a really great time and we will definitely be returning to that spot. The month of May seemed like a good time to go, weather still has a slight chill to the air, but the campground was not full. We did get a little rain, but it was tolerable and we enjoyed a really hot sunny day that took the chill out of the water. I'm sure in summer the park is filled to the brim with people and maybe not as tranquil as when we went. In the future I'll be looking at late May or early June next year, in the hopes that the water will be a bit warmer. Plus May is also a crazy month for us, does everybody have this problem with May...

First-Landing-State Park-Virginia-Beach




We just returned from Fayetteville, WV "the coolest little town". Look for that post soon!

Check our adventure at McConnells Mill State Park in Portersville, PA

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