Tidying kids room & DIY custom Lego table

The 8yo and I tackled tidying his bedroom last weekend. Going through clothes is pretty easy, whatever doesn't fit anymore goes to the donation bin. Toys can be an entirely different matter...

I'm fortunate enough that my son is pretty keen to say, meh I don't really play with that anymore, and  I love playing that.  So his room was relatively easy. We started with clothes, then pulled everything out of the buried closet and went from there. Odin insisted we take a break every hour to go outside or play video games, "Because this is a lot of work".

One kids room tidied with the only thing left on his room agenda is building him a loft bed from his sisters hand-me-down bunk bed. Which has been added to the hubby's "honey-do" list.

Right now my son loves Legos. Last year the hubby made him a custom Lego table that I meant to blog about but didn't, So here we go!

Custom Lego table. I was not "allowed" to move anything...

custom-Lego-table-photo reference-top-kids-room
Overhead shot of Lego table.

  • One Flat piece of wood for table top: 2x4 you can adjust this as you see fit. Most hardware stores will cut a specific size for a low fee.
  • One 1x2x4: to mount to wall (or you can purchase 4 table legs and not do a wall mount
  • 2 legs - we went with an inexpensive basic leg, price varies from about $5 each and up 
  • leg attachment hardware - $3 each. You need one for each leg.
  • Screws, tell the guys at the hardware store what you are doing and they can help with length sizes needed.
  • Paint - once you decide what you want on your table, your paints needed will be based off that. The hubby used; grey, black, tan/sand, yellow and white
  • 4-5 Lego Baseplates - there are 3 colors; tan/sand, green/grass, grey/asphalt they cost $8. Odin already had 1 baseplate and one half-baseplate. So we purchased 3 baseplates for Odin's table.
Pretty straight forward;
Lay your baseplates where you'd like to see them go, you can trace them  for reference. Remove them and get your painting done first.
Paint your baselayer colors; grey, sand, etc.  Let that dry.

We wanted to make the table have little roads. Use a long ruler (or some other long object to draw straight lines) to measure out where the road lines need to be. Let it dry, ad any details; manholes, dashed road lines. The hubby is a talented artist, I don't think kids would mind if all the lines were not straight... It's a Lego table, it's going to be amazing!

Painting reference. The green square and tan rectangle piece are glued down.

Like I said we had one half baseplate already, so we cut one of the newly purchased ones in half. As you can see in the photo, there are 3 full size bases and 3 half sizes bases. Glue those down. We used a hot glue gun and they haven't budged.

Once everything is dry, attach the legs, measure and mount the 1x2x4 to the wall. Set table top on mount, screw table to to wall mount. Add Lego's. Have fun.
You can see 1x2x4 mounted in the back.

Leg attachments.

We purchased 3 plastic drawers bins from Target on sale at $10 each. You can see a fourth one in the photos, because we underestimated the quantity of Lego.

Odin loves his Lego table. Occasionally we encourage him to disassemble everything  and start anew. Until we tidied this awesome table was becoming buried. Boo! On to the 13yo room next weekend.

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