No Sick days for Parents, tidying adventure continues

There are no allotted sick days when you are a parent. Even if you're ill and your kids are ill, the whole house is on quarantine-lock-down, you still have to march on and get things done. Unless you have an amazing partner who says, "Go to bed, I got this." Or you tag team those responsibilities when you're both sick.

Those partners are the ones to hold onto. Anybody who is not willing to share in these more challenging parental and adult days are not worth the time.
I spent last weekend coming down with something (again). I knuckled down and somehow managed to help the hubby stay on task in tidying his art studio, which is full of needed supplies and random project things. Basically pointing and barking semi-coherent orders at him. It worked! His studio is clean and organized. I hope he can tackle his amazing art with a clearer mind not worrying about the clutter.

We found a home in plain view for the puppets that Hubby & the kids work on.

And I somehow manage to tackle the 13yo's room. Which was a lot of work but met with little resistance. She was ready to make another step towards adulthood and we laughed quite a bit at some of the silly things discovered. Sigh. Cherishing the moment. There were a few times I inherited items because I could tell she didn't want to part with them just yet, but didn't want to display them either. A few more trinkets for my new small and controlled memento box.

We are planning a DIY loft bed out of Darby's bunk-bed for Odin, now that his tidying is done. Read last weeks blog and check out the awesome Lego table we made for his room. And purchasing a new, more grown-up bed for Darby, plus building her some shelves for displaying her trinkets and keeper toys.

Almost done with tidying! Phew. Garage and a little corner in basement left. I have to say it's been pretty fantastic. We donated a lot, moved things in new places and find we are using them more. We ended up rearranging our living room and have spent more time in it as a family than we have in the past 6-months. Yea!

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