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The End of Winter Weekends

Winter is almost over. We have hustled through these last few months of winter trying to get as much done around the house as possible. Anything we can do to lessen the spring and summer to-do's. Downside of being a home-owner the upkeep and overall maintenance can be daunting.

The hubby successfully converted Darby's bunk-bed into a loft bed for Odin. And he is super stoked. We topped it off with a tent topper for him, since he;s been sleeping in his sleeing bag for almost month. He is prepping for camping season.

We upgraded Darby's room to be a bit more "grown-up" and although Stephen successfully manipulated a bunk-bed I couldn't stop gloating about my impromptu device docking station.

Check out these other hacks for binder clips here.

Looking forward to spring and getting in more outdoor adventures with the kids.

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No Sick days for Parents, tidying adventure continues

There are no allotted sick days when you are a parent. Even if you're ill and your kids are ill, the whole house is on quarantine-lock-down, you still have to march on and get things done. Unless you have an amazing partner who says, "Go to bed, I got this." Or you tag team those responsibilities when you're both sick.

Those partners are the ones to hold onto. Anybody who is not willing to share in these more challenging parental and adult days are not worth the time.

I spent last weekend coming down with something (again). I knuckled down and somehow managed to help the hubby stay on task in tidying his art studio, which is full of needed supplies and random project things. Basically pointing and barking semi-coherent orders at him. It worked! His studio is clean and organized. I hope he can tackle his amazing art with a clearer mind not worrying about the clutter.

And I somehow manage to tackle the 13yo's room. Which was a lot of work but met with little resist…

Tidying kids room & DIY custom Lego table

The 8yo and I tackled tidying his bedroom last weekend. Going through clothes is pretty easy, whatever doesn't fit anymore goes to the donation bin. Toys can be an entirely different matter...

I'm fortunate enough that my son is pretty keen to say, meh I don't really play with that anymore, and  I love playing that.  So his room was relatively easy. We started with clothes, then pulled everything out of the buried closet and went from there. Odin insisted we take a break every hour to go outside or play video games, "Because this is a lot of work".

One kids room tidied with the only thing left on his room agenda is building him a loft bed from his sisters hand-me-down bunk bed. Which has been added to the hubby's "honey-do" list.

Right now my son loves Legos. Last year the hubby made him a custom Lego table that I meant to blog about but didn't, So here we go!

One Flat piece of wood for table top: 2x4 you can adjust this as you see fit…