Pittsburgh Aviary - Baby Sloth Visit

As soon as I heard about the baby sloth arriving at the Pittsburgh Aviary I squee'd with excitement. Sloths are awesome and adorable. A baby sloth is cuteness overload.

We got very lucky and the kids were out of school on the Friday of the Baby Sloth's open-to-the-public date. We arrived as soon as the Aviary opened, 10am. Weekday or weekends as soon as the doors open have almost always worked out in our favor when it comes to zoo, science centers, museums, etc.

There were three feeding times that day, the first was at 11am. Right away we hung up our coats and found where the Baby Sloth's habitat was. There were a few staff members around and we were able to ask a couple questions; baby is about 2lbs, a boy, no name yet, they have to feed him and exercise several times a day, sloths sleep a lot as it is so add in being a baby and he sleeps a whole lot.

We hung out in front of the habitat staring at blue lump under a towel for about 30-minutes so we could get a spot. At about 10:45 it was pretty busy around the habitat and it would have been difficult to get sight of the little guy near the back of the crowd. The feeding lasts for a while, I would guess around 45-minutes. We hung out for about 25-minutes, then felt like we were being window hogs and should let other people adore the little guy.

A baby sloth and his blankie.



He loves that blanket.

There are a lot of very beautiful birds at the Aviary. The animals are very well cared for and there are a lot of educational opportunities for the kids and adults. There is also an adult sloth in one habitat, his name is Wookie.

Golden pheasant roaming about in the Tropical Rainforest.

Visiting the Aviary things to know:
  • Parking: There is a parking lot behind the aviary cost is $5, or you can park on the street and basically pay the same; $1 an hour.
  • There is a coat rack to the left of the entrance, but no lockers.
  • They have a cafe there but its pricey, pack a lunch if you want to save a few bucks.
  • There are feeding times in a few areas and its pretty fun to have a bird fly down and eat a worm out of your hand. Get there early to guarantee a good spot, they fill up fast and if you have tiny kids it will be hard for them to see... But, tiny kids don't sit for a long time well either.

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