Kids are sick, quarantine the house

Rather than continue on my tidying journey the weekend before last, my 8yo came down with a stomach bug. The not-so-fun parts of being a parent is nursing your poor kid who is miserable and you have no control of taking that misery away. Plus, not only are you waking up at every sound in the night that could possibly be vomiting, you actually have to get up 9very quickly) for said vomiting. Once I make it through all the fun of washing linens and wanting to dip my kid in a vat of sanitizer you brace for the inevitable.... you're going to get sick too.

So I did. That following Tuesday morning...

Pretty much.

Finally back on my feet Thursday morning, woke up feeling like a human being, both kids and hubby were feeling good. Hustled through as much work as possible, then hustled to catch up with house stuff as my poor hubby looked exhausted from doing everything (and dealing with me being whiny), inlcuding the kids school obligations I committed to. Oopsy.

When we got to Saturday and nobody else in the house was showing signs of illness, I wanted to throw a party. Phew. Children are petri dishes.

Kevin Bacon twirl time.

So this past weekend I was able to get back to my tidying.
Sorted through books and movies I don't care to watch or read over and over. The library was very happy to receive them and I was happy knowing other people would get to enjoy them rather then let them sit on the shelf and collect dust.

Throughout this week I am downloading our cd's collection and will be donating the cd's. Sorry music industry, but cd's are so 2004.

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