Hiking, a Bike Garage Sale & Tidying momentos

It's been a busy week and a half.
Winter gave us a weekend of tolerable weather so we headed out for a hike Saturday. We initially had planned to Geocache at Laurel Mountain but once we drove up the mountain and saw the drive was very snowy and icy, we turned around and headed back to somewhere we could enjoy the spring temperatures. Note to self: mountains still have snow in February.

Linn Run State Park - Adams Fall & Flatrock Trail

Just a few miles drive from the bottom of the mountain is Linn Run State Park. The parking lot was a bit icy so we slid across it and headed for the trail head. Linn Run has 6.25 miles of hiking. We parked near Adams Fall trail, a 1-mile loop with some rocky (and ice-melting muddy) terrain that starts and ends at a waterfall. We had just enough time to hike down the 0.5-mile Flatrock Trail then head back to the truck.

I love mushrooms growing on trees.

Once we got home Odin and I shoved food into our mouths, grabbed some snacks and "things to do", to head for the local indoor mountain bike park garage sale. The Wheel Mill is Pittsburgh first indoor bike park. Every year they expand and enhance sections in the park. A great place to practice and hone in on skills, they offer skills clinics and events frequently, the staff is really helpful and lots of little rippers riding around. Good stuff.

I was helping out at the Dirt Rag Garage Sale booth at a Wheel Mill event, where we sell product from our won collections or sometimes older review product that we end up with. We take that money and donate it to the local bicycle advocacy groups; Trail Pittsburgh and Bike Pittsburgh. Yeah support your local non-profits!

At some point I went through my memento's as part of the Kon Mari exercise. I thought it was Sunday but now I'm starting to think I did that the weekend before.. .oh well! It was definitely challenging, but puttting it off until close to the end of tidying was best. At that point I'd made so many decisions about keeping and getting rid of things, that I had more confidence in my decisions with these tough items.

Drawing hubby did of my alter-ego when I was a bike messenger in Pittsburgh -1997ish

Quite a few I laughed at why I'd kept it all these years, some I wondered why it was hidden in a box. It was good to display a few of those favorites. I still have a box in the closet that has room to add to it. I did keep the handful of drawings the hubby has done for me over the years.

All of this tidying has prompted me to change things around in the house. I have moved my recently tidied craft desk to the dining room closet with a nice little roller cart that the hubby realized he didn't need when he started to tidy his art studio. Its a Raskog Ikea cart, perfect fit, costs $30. This will give my daughter and I more room for projects on the dining room table and have a place to cut materials rather than my bedroom floor or bed. And I moved my work-from-home desk out of the bedroom. Now I can look at that bedroom as a calm environment to meditate, end my day without thinking about work and have the room to do all my stretches. Woohoo!

Hubby tidying resulted in a perfect hand-me-down craft cart.

Still on the list: go through photos, the special mementos my Grandma gave me, then the kids rooms.

Note for a past blog post that I neglected to follow up with: I did download all our cd's, it took me a week. And sorted through dvd's which was easier than I thought. I was stoked to donate so many to our local library and the kids parted with quite a few as well. Success!

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