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Hiking, a Bike Garage Sale & Tidying momentos

It's been a busy week and a half.
Winter gave us a weekend of tolerable weather so we headed out for a hike Saturday. We initially had planned to Geocache at Laurel Mountain but once we drove up the mountain and saw the drive was very snowy and icy, we turned around and headed back to somewhere we could enjoy the spring temperatures. Note to self: mountains still have snow in February.

Just a few miles drive from the bottom of the mountain is Linn Run State Park. The parking lot was a bit icy so we slid across it and headed for the trail head. Linn Run has 6.25 miles of hiking. We parked near Adams Fall trail, a 1-mile loop with some rocky (and ice-melting muddy) terrain that starts and ends at a waterfall. We had just enough time to hike down the 0.5-mile Flatrock Trail then head back to the truck.

Once we got home Odin and I shoved food into our mouths, grabbed some snacks and "things to do", to head for the local indoor mountain bike park garage sale. The Wheel Mill i…

Pittsburgh Aviary - Baby Sloth Visit

As soon as I heard about the baby sloth arriving at the Pittsburgh Aviary I squee'd with excitement. Sloths are awesome and adorable. A baby sloth is cuteness overload.

We got very lucky and the kids were out of school on the Friday of the Baby Sloth's open-to-the-public date. We arrived as soon as the Aviary opened, 10am. Weekday or weekends as soon as the doors open have almost always worked out in our favor when it comes to zoo, science centers, museums, etc.

There were three feeding times that day, the first was at 11am. Right away we hung up our coats and found where the Baby Sloth's habitat was. There were a few staff members around and we were able to ask a couple questions; baby is about 2lbs, a boy, no name yet, they have to feed him and exercise several times a day, sloths sleep a lot as it is so add in being a baby and he sleeps a whole lot.

We hung out in front of the habitat staring at blue lump under a towel for about 30-minutes so we could get a spot. At ab…

Geocaching for beginners

Geocaching is a great way to encourage yourself and others to get outside. Whether its solo, with your significant other or a friend, or with kids/family. It's a fun, inexpensive outdoor activity. Thanks to smart phones it's now super easy.

Initially I wanted to try Geocaching years ago and the hubby gifted me a GPS and was very encouraging... I tried using the GPS device, my inability and frustration to understand how to use it caused me to toss it aside and forget about geocaching. I don't mind labeling myself a city-folk, because when I get into these situations of understanding GPS or getting a just no. I love nature, love being outside, but I don't necessarily want nature to touch me. This activity helps me on the journey to bond with nature more.

So, when we found a Geocaching phone app I was very excited. I know how to use my phone, mostly. We downloaded the free app to try it out, then when we found a cache we wanted to do but was locked in the app,…

Kids are sick, quarantine the house

Rather than continue on my tidying journey the weekend before last, my 8yo came down with a stomach bug. The not-so-fun parts of being a parent is nursing your poor kid who is miserable and you have no control of taking that misery away. Plus, not only are you waking up at every sound in the night that could possibly be vomiting, you actually have to get up 9very quickly) for said vomiting. Once I make it through all the fun of washing linens and wanting to dip my kid in a vat of sanitizer you brace for the inevitable.... you're going to get sick too.

So I did. That following Tuesday morning...

Finally back on my feet Thursday morning, woke up feeling like a human being, both kids and hubby were feeling good. Hustled through as much work as possible, then hustled to catch up with house stuff as my poor hubby looked exhausted from doing everything (and dealing with me being whiny), inlcuding the kids school obligations I committed to. Oopsy.

When we got to Saturday and nobody else …