Tidying the closet; my love for shoes, bags and clothes

Continuing my journey to being tidy in 2016 and minimizing my possessions to what truly brings me joy... This weekend I started with clothes, shoes and bags. I've always said I want to be a minimalist but I love shoes, bags and apparently clothes... I'm one of many people out there, that looks in the closet and just sighs, unable to make decisions, trying on multiple outfits to only go back to that one that I always wear.

Last week I wrote about my 2016 goal and the book "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up" by Marie Kondo, the author suggest a certain order to go through your items. Clothes and things that resides in a typical closet is the first task.

Every night after I finished work, taking the kids to their activities, or running errands I would knock out a little time to gather all the clothes, bags and shoes in my room. By Friday I had a pile of stuff growing out of the corner of the room. My closet and "inner storage closet" still un-looked at... I was starting to get scared of the task at hand and embarrassed at all the stuff I had accumulated...

My bag collection was almost waist high...

Deep breaths...

I collected all the clothes randomly placed in the house. I had no idea I was hording clothes in multiple rooms; jacket and shoes in the back door closet, snow pants and snow gear in the basement, bike clothes spread throughout the bike/mud room, bags... everywhere.

Starting out I separated summer clothes, since it's winter this made going through these items easier. Then onto tops, bottoms, specific clothes for; work, events, fancy pants, gardening, sleepwear, exercise, etc. Narrowing it down to only the items that make me happy. I had no idea I had accumulated 8+ pairs of padded bike shorts... I could make a quilt! Or I could donate them and hope they make someone else happy.

Note: One of the rules is do not put seasonal clothes in storage. Just organize it in a way that makes  sense. So my summer clothes are residing near the back of my drawers and my winter near the front, but all of it is visible. I admit I have a chest in my hallway where I decided to store Halloween costume stuff, since we make costumes every year and the 13yo is getting into cosplaying. I broke the rules a little there.

In the end I was able to narrow down my bags to a small pile, my closet is clutter free and easy to see what my choices are. I used to set out the same clothes I'd worn the day before on a bench in the room everyday so I didn't have to go in my closet and face it. This week I found that I do not dread opening the door to my closet. All week I've put my things away and I'm less worried about the clutter around me so I can put more focus into getting my work done.

Clean Closet bags craft table
Look at that small pile of bags & open space in my closet and craft area!

Because I work from home and my craft area is right next to my desk I had to tidy that area as well, or it would have sidetracked me all week. I purges sewing items that I will not use, cleared random scrap material that are basically useless and organized my pegboard, patterns, buttons into jars, etc.

The next step is suppose to be books, but I cannot do that without the hubby. He is on-board with the tidy program but needs to finish making a magazine before he can think about it and finish reading the book. So I'm going to tackle paperwork this weekend, because that's one of my areas of expertise in the house. I might get to Cd's, but I don't want to do to much at once. This is therapeutic process for me as well as a tidying process. No need to stress, one step at a time.

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