Tidying - Books & Paperwork

I'm still chugging along with the tidying momentum. The husband tackled his clothes last Saturday and what took me all weekend took him two hours. Not because he had less stuff, his t-shirt collection puts mine to shame. He didn't linger and look longingly at an item and go, "but...". He just opened up a bag and started throwing handfuls in....
Me: "You need any... help... dear..."
Hubby: "Nope. Done."
What the heck man.

Knowing it would likely take me a full day to contemplate books I thought tackling the 2-drawer filing cabinet would be a cinch. So Saturday night I began purging paperwork.

First: All manuals and electronics boxes that fit in my cabinet. I keep all manuals; bunk bed instructions, vacuums, weed wacker, roof racks, etc. Like I'm going to pull that manual out and look up my problem... No! I'm going to google it and watch a video of how to fix it, or call the company I bought it from... Easy purge, bye-bye manuals.

Second: Old bill records; electric, gas, phone, etc. I have a "just paid" folder and once I pay a bill I purge the last one, because I have record that I have no outstanding balance. I tend to slack off on this, but cleaning up that folder was easy.

Then: all Roth/IRA just keep the Year End Results, no need to keep quarterly reports. Paychecks, I keep only one year on file, until taxes are paid and then done (now all my paychecks are electronic so no more of that). Obviously keep loan papers, unless you have a paid off paper. My favorite file is the "paid in full" one. Any medical paperwork that's no longer relevant. Tax papers are recommended to keep the last 7 years worth, the last few have been electronic so just a few older files. Insurance, yearly coverage is good to have, but got rid of all the expired, because its expired. Purged expired warranties.

There are quite a few lists online of paperwork to keep on file.
In the end my hands were exhausted from shredding, if you own a shredder your smarter than me...

This cat would have shredded papers faster than my hands and it would have been more fun...

The hubby went through his books Saturday night while I tackled paperwork. Majority of the books are his, my collection is graphic novels, comic books, Harry Potter, vampire porn and a few random classics (The Last Unicorn and early 1900's Etiquette for Women... y'know, the good stuff).

Sunday morning we finished up books. This was challenging as I started to re-read books while making decisions... So I spent 2-hours reading and then back to it. Then reading... then back to it... sigh.

The questions I constantly had to ask myself while sorting books was; would I read this again?, could I get it from the library?, could I download it on the kindle app if I wanted to read it again?

Most of the books went to the library donation box.

We actually got the kids to sort out the board games Sunday! Many of the giveaways board games are because the kids have outgrown them. We will donate them to the local elementary school my 8yo goes to. I was surprised how easy it was for the kids to pick and choose what they no longer enjoy playing. A tiny breakthrough for when I start trying to talk them into the tidying of their rooms...

Next Saturday I hope to tackle my cd's, download the ones I listen to over and over, donate the rest and my movies.

Mark Hamill said it best... Noooooo!

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