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Tidying - Books & Paperwork

I'm still chugging along with the tidying momentum. The husband tackled his clothes last Saturday and what took me all weekend took him two hours. Not because he had less stuff, his t-shirt collection puts mine to shame. He didn't linger and look longingly at an item and go, "but...". He just opened up a bag and started throwing handfuls in....
Me: "You need any... help... dear..."
Hubby: "Nope. Done."
What the heck man.

Knowing it would likely take me a full day to contemplate books I thought tackling the 2-drawer filing cabinet would be a cinch. So Saturday night I began purging paperwork.

First: All manuals and electronics boxes that fit in my cabinet. I keep all manuals; bunk bed instructions, vacuums, weed wacker, roof racks, etc. Like I'm going to pull that manual out and look up my problem... No! I'm going to google it and watch a video of how to fix it, or call the company I bought it from... Easy purge, bye-bye manuals.

Second: Ol…

Tidying the closet; my love for shoes, bags and clothes

Continuing my journey to being tidy in 2016 and minimizing my possessions to what truly brings me joy... This weekend I started with clothes, shoes and bags. I've always said I want to be a minimalist but I love shoes, bags and apparently clothes... I'm one of many people out there, that looks in the closet and just sighs, unable to make decisions, trying on multiple outfits to only go back to that one that I always wear.

Last week I wrote about my 2016 goal and the book "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up" by Marie Kondo, the author suggest a certain order to go through your items. Clothes and things that resides in a typical closet is the first task.

Every night after I finished work, taking the kids to their activities, or running errands I would knock out a little time to gather all the clothes, bags and shoes in my room. By Friday I had a pile of stuff growing out of the corner of the room. My closet and "inner storage closet" still un-looked at... …

Back to Blogging and 2016 tidying adventures

Hello Blog!
After a hiatus from blogging, I'm back. It's a New Year and although its snowing and cold outside (boo! hiss!) I am looking forward to the adventures this year brings. Right now I am about to embark on the adventure of tidying! I am actually very excited about this.

I've started off 2016 by reading this wonderful book, "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up" by Marie Kondo. This book is a guide to decluttering your home and Marie is a Japanese tidying consultant. The overall point I took form this book is to surround yourself with the things that bring you joy. I am generally a tidy, organized person, but have never been able to stop having to pick-up my house or stop obtaining stuff. It has been an endless cycle for years. Needless to say one of my 2016 goals to declutter my home and lifestyle so I can really focus on what brings me joy. This book has the tools and tips to try and make that happen.

Since I am not a fan of the winter cold, its the pe…