Coldstone Creamery - Custom Cake

My daughter celebrated her 13th Birthday last month and wanted a special cake. I stink at baking, I can burn anything... She asked for an ice cream cake, of course we said sure. Sounds delicious to me. After a little research we found that Coldstone Creamery offers a create your own cake option.

If creating your own is a little too crazy, (my kids choices were interesting...) you can go with one of their signature cakes which look just as delicious; A Cheesecake Name Desire, Peanut Butter Playground, etc. All offering the same delicious mix of ice cream, toppings, candy mixed in, ganache or frosting, and cake.

I would have loved it Darby would have chosen the one of the signature cakes, but that's not what she wanted... She ordered a large round cake 8", cotton candy ice cream with coconut and rainbow sprinkles mixed in, a layer of red velvet cake, fluffy white frosting on top, with sprinkles and white & milk chocolate curls, and of course Happy Birthday Darby! written on it.

Needless to say with eight 13yo girls in the house the cake didn't last long.
I love that I can order the cake online, click the boxes with everything that we want, pay, set-up the day and time-frame to pick it up at my local Coldstone Creamery and confirmation email with all the details of what we ordered. The cakes are not "cheap", this particular concoction was about $35 which I don't think is to bad for an 8" large round cake.

I have an anniversary coming up.... might need a special cake...


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