Taking my son to his first Concert

My Mom took me to my first concert when I was 13 (maybe 14...). I saw Neil Diamond. He stood on a circular stage in the middle of huge arena in a sparkling jumpsuit, surrounded by middle aged swooning women. My Mom told me, "this isn't like a typical concert" and I remember a sigh of relief because this was kind of ridiculous. But, of course it was still fun.


We took our oldest to her first concert when she 11, Neko Case. Unfortunately we made the mistake of letting her sleepover at a friends house the night before, she fell asleep in the middle of the show and I had to sort of carry her. That following spring we took her and my younger sister to see First Aid Kit for their Lions Roar tour. It was a small venue and they gave out autographs after the show. Darby was excited at the end and she actually stayed awake for the whole thing. Success!

Last week we took our 8yo and the soon to be 13yo to see First Aid Kit. I got odd looks from younger and older people while sitting with the 8yo at stadium type seats in the balcony. He sang every song and hoped they would play his favorite, Emmylou. Which was the very last song of the encore. Occasionally he would start to fall asleep then he'd hear a song he knew, sit up and start to sing.

I brought cotton for his ears in case it was to loud. He didn't want or need it. It wasn't a Mastodon show so I wasn't worried about his ears. Although the older group behind us got a little too drunk and too loud on occasion, he had a blast.

I've seen a lot of concerts and music was a huge part of my teenage years, as is for most. I don't expect my kids to be in a garage band one day. But, I can hope and encourage it!

Younger Hubby
For now we will encourage Odin to continue his drum lessons and  Darby to keep playing on her viola. Music is important, make sure your kids a daily dose of it.

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