Nerd Block Jr. - July box

I purchased a 3-month subscription to Nerd Block Jr. for my son over the summer. You can read about our first box here. We received the July box on Monday and it was ripped open with excitement before I could get home. This month didn't have an overall theme, just some stuff in a box. Here is what is inside:

The box came with a Middle School level book by Jeff Probst (the guy who hosts  the tv show Survivor), a summer activity book, glow in the dark Ninja Turtle tattoos, a kidrobot figure, a Yoda assembly "craft" and a Skylanders figure.

Skylanders is a video game that requires a portal & additional figures purchased

My soon-to-be 13yo quickly snatched up the book, otherwise it would have ended up on the book shelf for a few years. The activity book has crossword puzzles, outdoor facts, questions, but is a little too advanced for my 8yo. Both books are something we can work on and read together! The "big ticket" item is the Skylanders figure. My kids like this video game and have managed to collect quite a few characters over the years its been out. Unfortunately he already has the figure that was in the box and none of his friends have the game, so he decided to paint it and use it for pretend playing.

Odin's favorite items are the kidrobot figure and the Yoda craft.

Here is a better photo of the Yoda thing.
Overall, I'm not as stoked on this box as I was with the June, we'll see what August holds. I assume not every box can have a serious wow-factor and had he received a Skylanders figure he didn't already have, Odin would have been ecstatic.


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