Kids - Excavating frozen Dinosaurs

When Jurassic World came out the whole family really wanted to see it. But, I couldn't bring myself to take the kids unless they watched the first three Jurassic movies. I also wanted to gauge if they could handle the scary dinosaurs and occasional carnage, in the comfort of our living room.

Thanks to our local library I was able to request all three movies in a pack and we had three nights of dinosaur movie action. Kids ruling, the first one was the best. I agree.

Lucky for me we are on a dinosaur kick. We saw Jurassic World, it was good, kids loved it. We went to the museum and saw the dinosaur exhibit. Then I came across this craft on Pinterest. Frozen dinosaur excavation.

Take some plastic dinosaurs and put them in some Tupperware or a bowl, fill it with water, add some food coloring to help hide them, put it in the freezer. We had a collection of dinosaurs from the dollar store that we accumulated over the years of two kids. You can also purchase a bag of tiny or medium dinosaurs for less than $10 on Amazon, or search your local dollar store for a couple. Any size will work.

The dinosaurs tend to float when you put them into the bowls, I put make-shift plastic lids to hold the dino's down while they froze.

Once they are frozen you dump the bowl upside down and let the kids have at it! My kiddo's used squirt guns, cups of water, a meat mallet and the dog to help dig the dino's out.

Now the kids want to freeze other plastic toys and jewelry to dig out of ice! Outdoor summer fun.


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