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Taking my son to his first Concert

My Mom took me to my first concert when I was 13 (maybe 14...). I saw Neil Diamond. He stood on a circular stage in the middle of huge arena in a sparkling jumpsuit, surrounded by middle aged swooning women. My Mom told me, "this isn't like a typical concert" and I remember a sigh of relief because this was kind of ridiculous. But, of course it was still fun.

We took our oldest to her first concert when she 11, Neko Case. Unfortunately we made the mistake of letting her sleepover at a friends house the night before, she fell asleep in the middle of the show and I had to sort of carry her. That following spring we took her and my younger sister to see First Aid Kit for their Lions Roar tour. It was a small venue and they gave out autographs after the show. Darby was excited at the end and she actually stayed awake for the whole thing. Success!

Last week we took our 8yo and the soon to be 13yo to see First Aid Kit. I got odd looks from younger and older people while sittin…

Nerd Block Jr. - July box

I purchased a 3-month subscription to Nerd Block Jr. for my son over the summer. You can read about our first box here. We received the July box on Monday and it was ripped open with excitement before I could get home. This month didn't have an overall theme, just some stuff in a box. Here is what is inside:

The box came with a Middle School level book by Jeff Probst (the guy who hosts  the tv show Survivor), a summer activity book, glow in the dark Ninja Turtle tattoos, a kidrobot figure, a Yoda assembly "craft" and a Skylanders figure.

My soon-to-be 13yo quickly snatched up the book, otherwise it would have ended up on the book shelf for a few years. The activity book has crossword puzzles, outdoor facts, questions, but is a little too advanced for my 8yo. Both books are something we can work on and read together! The "big ticket" item is the Skylanders figure. My kids like this video game and have managed to collect quite a few characters over the years its …

Kiwi Crate - July Box

I purchased my son a 3-month subscription to Kiwi Crate this summer. We received our first box in June, you can read about it here. June's box theme was "color" and Odin did the activities multiple times, it came with a lot of supplies. The July box is not as full of activities as the June, but still has fun and educational projects. Here is what was inside this month's box:

The July theme is "bugs". A great theme, since my kids are almost as scared of bugs as I am. There are two crafts in the box: My Dragonflyers and Bug tic-tac-toe. The Dragonflyers is a quick color and apply sticky tape project. You can see the green bottle and finished bugs in the above photo, squeeze the bottle and your dragonfly's fly! The tic-tac-toe came with Crayola modeling clay and accessories to create your bugs, as well as the game box. My 8yo was able to complete both of these projects on his own with zero mess.

The box also came with an activity book with mazes, coloring …

Kids - Excavating frozen Dinosaurs

When Jurassic World came out the whole family really wanted to see it. But, I couldn't bring myself to take the kids unless they watched the first three Jurassic movies. I also wanted to gauge if they could handle the scary dinosaurs and occasional carnage, in the comfort of our living room.

Thanks to our local library I was able to request all three movies in a pack and we had three nights of dinosaur movie action. Kids ruling, the first one was the best. I agree.

Lucky for me we are on a dinosaur kick. We saw Jurassic World, it was good, kids loved it. We went to the museum and saw the dinosaur exhibit. Then I came across this craft on Pinterest. Frozen dinosaur excavation.

Take some plastic dinosaurs and put them in some Tupperware or a bowl, fill it with water, add some food coloring to help hide them, put it in the freezer. We had a collection of dinosaurs from the dollar store that we accumulated over the years of two kids. You can also purchase a bag of tiny or medium dinos…

Gauging a successful vacation with kids

1. Thinking or talking about work less than 35% of the time.

2. Yelling at the kids to stop fighting less than 5 times. (This is a serious achievement.)

3. Letting the hubby have alone time to read and draw more than one-hour total during entire vacation.

4. There was actual all of the family involved, fun-time had. At least once.

5. We all came back alive and tired.

Kawaii Monthly Subscription Box - May

So we subscribed to a Kawaii monthly box. Kawaii is a Japanese term for cute. My 12yo daughter is into anime and manga, so over summer I got her a 3-month subscription. Our first box was the May box. Because of over-seas shipping in showed up mid-June.

The box design is cute with a little bow around it.

Inside the box was quite a few Kawaii items, stationary, comb thingy, squishy Hello Kitty doughnut, stickers, candy, cell phone charm, hair dingy, eraser and a little banana. Even the tissue paper in the box is custom with little cute figures on it.

Her two favorite items were the stuff banana and the puffy Alpacasso stickers.

Needless to say she is very excited for the June box to show up mid-July. The subscription cost is $18.90 a month, you can sign up for a 1,3, 6 or 12 month subscription. We can't wait to get the next box!