Suburb Bike Rodeo

We currently live in a smaller suburb of Pittsburgh, where cycling for utility is a crazy notion and there's no way kids will ever ride a bike to school. Before you ask, most of the parents in the area feel that its better that way... sigh. Anyway. Today was North Huntington's Bike Rodeo.

I was not aware there was a Bike Rodeo in the area until a "summer activities" booklet showed up in the mail. This rodeo will be their second year. We had some leftover Honka Hoota's from Dirt Fest so Odin and I brought some with us to give to the organizers. Needless to say they were very happy to have something so fun to give the kids (and some adults).

Honka Hoota!

The local bike shop Cycle Symphony was their, donating safety checks on the kids bikes. Basic stuff, tire pressure, brakes work, chain works, etc. There were kids with brakes cables not attached, loose pedals and a few other needed fixes.

Rob fixing stuff.

 They had a small, tight-turn obstacle course. The officer was encouraging to the kids, but not explaining how to go through the obstacle course at all. Maybe he thought the parents would partake in coaching, which most parents stepped up and did a little parenting. Most of the kids ran through the course then rode around a large empty space until their parents started encouraging them to want to leave soon. The coolest thing about the course?... a Honka Hoota was the prize for completing it.

Odin minding the STOP sign.

They provided free helmets to any kid in need of one, snacks, beverages, hot dogs and a sponsored filled goody bag. But, there were only about 15 kids show up. Most of the parents hung out for the time it took to get the goody bag, let their kids ride the course, eat and leave. We stayed almost the entire 2 hours trying to socialize with other local kids, but left early due to a bathroom emergency and no onsite port-a-jon or open facility. So the event was not amazing, it wasn't packed full of fun activities or encouraging folks to stay the whole time (no bathroom)...

But, I talked to officer in charge of the event and he was excited there were so many kids there, he expressed wanting to grow the event and get the word out more. That's enough to make me happy and not too complain-y.

And my kid had fun.

I'd really like to give the event coordinator some ideas for next year; 1. They need to let people know the event is happening, 2. provide a few more fun activities. Please share any ideas you might have. Have you attended a kids Bike Rodeo, what was your kids favorite thing?


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