Kiwi Crate - June Box Part 2

We tackled a few more fun projects from the June crate this weekend!

"Walking Colors" is the name of this project. It teaches Capillary action. (Which was a learning experience for me to.) The project uses cups, food coloring and paper towels to move water from one area to another. Like a tree's roots to branches.

Preparing the project and watching the beginning of the process.

It takes time for the the liquid to transfer and little man was not going to sit around waiting. So we headed out to see the movie Inside Out. Side note: the movie was funny and cute. Both the 8yo and the 12yo were entertained, as well as the hubby and myself.

We came back about 2 hours later and the liquid had transferred quite a bit into the other cup. As you can see in the photo above, we started with red, yellow and blue. So, as two colors transferred they mixed and made: purple, orange and green.

The finale.

This is such a fun and easy do at home project if you have some food coloring, small cups and paper towels. I never would have thought of it, so thank you Kiwi Crate! I have one other project I'm going to write up, but I continue to be impressed with this subscription. It's a great summer activity and a gift idea.


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