Kids Summer - Reading Programs

The 12yo, like her Dad, likes to read consistently throughout the year without having to be poked or prodded about it. The 8yo is not as much of a "reader" as his big sister. Most of the books he picks out he read in school and is coaxed into trying a similar book by that author, or some kind of license book; Lego, Pokemon, Star Wars, Comic Books etc.

Teen Titans Go!
During summer I enroll the 8yo in summer reading programs. Every library I've come across runs a summer program. Our local library has events throughout summer as well; magicians, animal experts, local chain restaurant mascots... Whatever it takes to get kids and parents into the library. Once your kid reads "X" amount of books, they can enter to win a prize or they get a sticker. If it helps get my kid reading then we are doing it.

Barnes & Nobles has a summer reading program that kids can earn a "free book". You can find more info here. You just print out the PDF and record any 8 books on this form, bring the finished form into your local B&N, choose a free book from the free book list (which is located on the PDF). The age bracket for this reading program according to the free book list is Grade 1- Grade 6.

Half Price Books summer program gives kids the opportunity to earn Bookworm Bucks. You can find more info here. Their program is based on reading 300 minutes over summer break. Once you have logged 300 minutes on your reading log, turn it in to your local Half Price Books store and the kid gets $5 in Bookworm Bucks. Each month top readers are entered in to win a Gift Card. The June log must be turned in by July 7th, the July log turned in by Aug. 11th. The age bracket for this program is 14 and under.

All programs allow parent reading to kid as reading log worthy time. So go read some books this summer!


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