Kids Summer - Gardening

One easy-ish summer project for the kids is a garden. I have written about how growing a garden can help get kids to be more open to eat fruit and veg, Eat your Vegetables kid. The 8yo enjoys checking on and watering the garden. the 12yo, not so much anymore, but we encourage her to embrace it and encourage her little brother to garden.

We almost didn't have garden this year, just to much going with work and home repairs. My mother in-law came to the rescue with a very cool mom's day gift for me, a handful of veggie & herb seed packets.

Odin and I spent the better part of a Saturday churning the garden beds, mixing in the compost and planting the seeds. I let him choose where to plant everything, I just made sure he spaced things out appropriately.

When the job was done, he was quite proud of himself. Every morning we check on the garden, see if anything has sprouted (possibly from the compost as well).

He is especially proud that his strawberry plant survived the harsh winter and its bearing fruit this summer.


  1. You're so very welcome! I DO expect to sample the bounty, though! :-D

    1. We went through the garden yesterday and had to pull out a bunch of rogue tomatoes from the compost mixture. So we will definitely share in the bounty!

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