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New Puppy joins the Family

I did not post all last week because we got a puppy!!! She is adorable.
We had a Boston Terrier, we got him when we were 22-23 I think. We had been living together for 2 years, we did not train him at all (our poor roommates!) and he was this amazing surly old man all the to the end. Now we have 80lb Lab mix, who doesn't realize how big he is. He is well mannered for the most part, we are not super trainers, but he has the basics down.

For about a year and half we have talked about getting another dog. It's not an easy decision, we have busy lives and animals are expensive and take a lot of time.

We made the decision last November to start seriously looking at adopting a rescue dog. We both wanted a puppy, for multiple reasons. I had filled out about a dozen applications, not realizing it was rolling up on Christmas and never got a call back. Being like fourth or tenth in line for a pupper.

So I got tired of getting my hopes up and decided to take a break from applying. At t…

Kids Summer Education - Star Wars Workbooks

Last year my mother in-law purchased three Star Wars workbooks for the 7yo: 2nd Grade Math, 2nd Grade Writing & 2nd Grade Reading. He did about half of each book last year. We tried to dedicate a couple hours a day working with him on certain tasks he couldn't do on his own.

We hung onto the books and pulled them out of the "craft dresser" last week and he dove right in. Now that his reading skills are stronger, he can do the almost all the pages on his own. What I liek about these books is;

1. They're Star Wars and I'm a huge fan.

2. My son finds them very fun. When he is going through the cursive practice, G is for General grievous, Y is for Yoda, etc. Math problems involve droids or Star Wars creatures.

3. Each book adds in some creativity and art. ie; create a new type of droid, draw them doing their job, draw your favorite jedi or sith, etc.

 4. Again, they are fun. Most of the educational books I find are mostly boring for the parent and kid. Yes, as a parent you can try and make things exciting, but your kids know when your doing this.

The books range are available on Amazon, and range from Pre-school to 2nd Grade. There are also some basic writing or math skills for ages 7-8 books as well. The cost about $7-$25 a piece.

I really wish they went past 2nd grade as my son is preparing for 3rd grade. As soon as Odin finished these workbooks I'll be heading to Barnes & Nobles and the local Educational School store  to look for workbooks equally as fun and enticing to the now 8yo.


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