Kids Summer Activity - Box full of Fun Things

How do you get work done and manage to keep a 8yo occupied... It's not easy. He would be very happy to just sit in front of the T.V. all day playing video games and watching Pokemon or Wild Kratts.

The hubby and I have put together a "Summer Box of Thing to Do!". As any parent of a kid with the need to talk and do things constantly will tell you, hopefully this will occupy little man for an hour here and there.

First we went to the local discount store, "five Below". You can find a mix of things in the chain. I've found some decent activity books, craft & party supplies, outdoor toys, etc. This store is mostly east coast, but there's generally a chain like this in most small towns and cities.

We scored a drawing with prompts book, maze book, a silly activity adventure book and a fun game. All cost about $15. I also put in the box a few things he's been working on, Star Wars Mad Libs and his Star Wars workbooks.

 I took a cardboard box and decorated it with colorful duct tape. The 12yo, Darby, came up with a title, "Odin's Amusement Box". Which is much better than my things title.

Walla! A hopeful entertainment for little man while both the hubby and I attempt to work. We will of course take time with him everyday to work in these books or show us all the awesome things he's doing in them.

We will add a few things over the next 3 months of summer, rotate things out, change it up, keep it fresh, keep it real. Because in a month (Or less!) whatever is in this box will not be very exciting or interesting.


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