Fire bowls & Sparklers

We received a fire bowl as a gift about 4 years ago and we have really used the heck out the thing. I love fires on chilly nights. If you do not have a yard that you can make a DIY fire-pit, purchasing a fire bowl and getting outside in the evening with the kids can be a fun evening.

Fire good.

Like most parents we cannot escape the house as often as we'd like, so the fire-bowl in our small backyard is always a welcome treat. Throughout summer you can find fire bowls on sale at big box stores, ours is a $50 bowl. We put it under the awning when its raining and leave it outside all winter and it's still in good shape. Keeping a reasonable size fire and not having a bonfire will help it last longer. We destroyed the lid to the bowl last year... Between a couple medium to big size fires and a bit of rust the lid fell apart. As long as you are just burning wood and keeping your fire controlled, not having a lid is fine.

Ring around the tree, don't poke your sister with a sparkler.

I'm also a big fan of sparklers and poppers as soon as they show up at the store. It must have something to do with my childhood... I can barely resist buying them when seen. They are inexpensive and fun. If you have a hard time getting your kiddo's outside these items could be fun, as long as they are aware they are playing with fire. If you feel like fire related items like sparklers are too much, there are always glow sticks found at a local dollar store.

Have any fun and inexpensive night-time kids activities? Comment and let me know, I love trying new things with the kids.


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