Favorite Kid appropriate Podcasts

Telecommuting means that my kids are often sitting in my office (bedroom) while I'm working during the summer school break. I don't like to have my headphones on all the time, so I have to make sure any podcasts I'm listening to are not to "adult".

One of the only kids specific podcasts I enjoy is brains on! This podcast is all about science, there are episodes about specific animals, volcanoes, roller coasters, etc. The length of each episode is 10-25 minutes. Which is perfect for my son who struggle sitting still and not talking for more than 5 minutes. Sometimes when he is working in his activity books we will have a binge and listen to 3-4 episodes. Odin really enjoys the "The Mystery Sound", its a sound that relates to the episode topic, and you guess what is.

Check out the newest episode of brains on about cuttlefish!

 The second podcast is Stuff you Missed in History Class. Its exactly what the titles says, history. The history related topics are pretty broad and full of fun stories and facts. The adults probably enjoy this one more than the 8yo, but I haven't had to turn the podcast off for any inappropriate (not for kids ears) content.

TedTalks Kids and Family. A podcast that has some great parenting talks; dealing with stress, getting outside, Nizar Ibraham How we unearthed Spinosaursu, Jane Goodall talking about chimpanzees, and more. There are some great podcasts that are worth sharing with the kids, but overall the episodes are kid friendly.


One of my husband's absolute favorites, This American Life. Again, a podcast the kids might not be "into", but you can listen to it with them in the room. Really great stories, one of the current one is Father Day 2011, stories of father's trying to be good dad's and sometimes not succeeding or not taking the opportunity in an unexpected short life.
I cannot get my son into it but StoryNory is a good podcast for kids who can sit still and enjoy a fun story.

One on my list to listen to is and make sure its are kid friendly is Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing. With our 12yo daughter being in the newspaper club and often writings for school, this could be a good one.


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