Being Sick - my Husband & my Job

My husband knew when we were dating that I have a handful of medical annoyances. I'm not one to shy away from being blunt about my "issues". On and off for the past 9+ months I've had foot procedures, ear, respiratory and sinus infections, plus a few other annoying things occur. Due to another illness I am writing this blog.

We eat mostly healthy. I haven't been able to exercise as much because of my feet and that probably has something to do with me catching all these fun illnesses, but generally we are okay at it.  Always, no matter how much stress is happening in our household or at our jobs (deadline!), my husband makes me a priority. Making sure I stay in bed, that I take my meds, that I sleep okay, gets the kids out of the house, cooks every night and tries to stay positive.

It strengthens our relationship. Plus, fourteen years of marriage to me can't be easy.

An older picture. One of my favorites on a family adventure.

My job is pretty amazing. I set my own hours and telecommute pretty much full-time. When I'm sick I take a day or two to get better. It's never questioned. They trust me. They know that I will get my job done and that anything dire is handled or I will call a co-worker for help. And I do, all of the above.

In the end it strengthens our relationship and make me want to work harder for the company. It makes me feel the need to reciprocate the understanding of not only being sick, but taking days because I have kids and being aware of everything that entails being a parent.

The hubby and the big cheese at Rotating Mass Media, aka; the boss-man.
Not everyone would be honest in these situations. People take advantage of things like this, rather than show appreciation and then they lose the privilege, or make the whole class lose the privilege.

I am thankful.


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