Kids Summer Activity - Backyard Fishing

Working full-time, even from home, means that we can't always take time away to head to the bike trail or to the river. So we do a little backyard fishing.

This is a great way to keep the kids practicing their casting. I don't fish, but watching the hubby spot a fish and throw the line right where that fish is, seems like  pretty important part of having success while fishing.

First set-up a lure.
You can see in the image below, that he's used a small screw eye (found in frame kits or at your local hardware store) and screwed in a wine cork, then attached to the swivel.
Another option is with a large eraser through a fishing hook.

From here, we set up a goal for the kids to hit when they cast, ie; a specific garden bed, a bucket, hula hoop, etc.
This is also a fun winter backyard activity.

We also started a Chia Gnome! Wheeeee. Odin got a little crazy with the Chia seeds and decided he wanted the Gnome to have "hairy" eyes....

Hopefully soon we will get out to the river and catch a few fish.


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