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Kids Summer Activity - Backyard Fishing

Working full-time, even from home, means that we can't always take time away to head to the bike trail or to the river. So we do a little backyard fishing.

This is a great way to keep the kids practicing their casting. I don't fish, but watching the hubby spot a fish and throw the line right where that fish is, seems like  pretty important part of having success while fishing.

First set-up a lure.
You can see in the image below, that he's used a small screw eye (found in frame kits or at your local hardware store) and screwed in a wine cork, then attached to the swivel.
Another option is with a large eraser through a fishing hook.

From here, we set up a goal for the kids to hit when they cast, ie; a specific garden bed, a bucket, hula hoop, etc.
This is also a fun winter backyard activity.

We also started a Chia Gnome! Wheeeee. Odin got a little crazy with the Chia seeds and decided he wanted the Gnome to have "hairy" eyes....

Hopefully soon we will get out to …

Kids Summer Break - Monthly Subscription Boxes

My kids attend public school. The hubby and I both telecommute full-time jobs. Needless to say, summer-break is a bit of challenge. So, every year we have the kids come up with a mental list of, "Things I'm going to do this summer". We always try and incorporate reading, crafts, board-games, accomplishing projects, camping, biking, writing pen-pals (actual snail mail) and anything outdoors.

Backyard picnic's are always fun.
 Normally we sign the kids up for camps; science, art, swim, sewing and more. This year we decided against the expensive camps (often $150-$300 a pop), just signed up the 8yo for swim classes and decided to try and curb some costs so we can a little bit of traveling adventures.

I have signed up the 8yo, Odin, to a 3-month Kiwi Crate subscription. Once a month he will get a box with his name on it, with a craft or science related project. I'm very excited and hope that it will occupy the little guy for a couple days... Hoping... look for a fu…

Dirt Rag's Dirt Fest - event success

I've mentioned in a few past blog posts, "Behind Dirt Rag's Dirt Fest" & "Women's Clinics at Dirt Rag's Dirt Fest", that I am part of a mountain biking festival for Dirt Rag magazine. The last few years have had the attendees numbers trending at about 3,000 people and 54 exhibitors. That's a lot of people having fun on bikes. So overall mission accomplished.

I work with two bearded gents and together, with 40+ volunteers and as many Dirt Rag staffers as we can get out to Pennsylvania (12), we manage to give vendors and attendees a happy experience.

My bearded co-conspirators.

Here are a few top tips I have learned over the years of being part of this event:
You can't make everyone happy, but try your best. Communication is key. The more the better, even its one-way from you.Be proactive with information. Send multiple email blasts with pertinent vendor/attendee info. Mail Chimp is a great resource for E-News letters. You can track who is …