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New Puppy joins the Family

I did not post all last week because we got a puppy!!! She is adorable.
We had a Boston Terrier, we got him when we were 22-23 I think. We had been living together for 2 years, we did not train him at all (our poor roommates!) and he was this amazing surly old man all the to the end. Now we have 80lb Lab mix, who doesn't realize how big he is. He is well mannered for the most part, we are not super trainers, but he has the basics down.

For about a year and half we have talked about getting another dog. It's not an easy decision, we have busy lives and animals are expensive and take a lot of time.

We made the decision last November to start seriously looking at adopting a rescue dog. We both wanted a puppy, for multiple reasons. I had filled out about a dozen applications, not realizing it was rolling up on Christmas and never got a call back. Being like fourth or tenth in line for a pupper.

So I got tired of getting my hopes up and decided to take a break from applying. At t…

Bicycle Valentines gift ideas for him & her

Valentine's has become another day to buy your significant other a gift. I'm not opposed to this. I like gifts, but prefer the ones that don't break the bank. Here are a few Valentine's gift ideas for the bicycle loving friend, spouse, or significant other in your life.

Inexpensive and fun.
Give the gift of "Get out of my way" "Coming through", "On your left", "Ding, ding"
Nutcase Love Bell : $15

Nothing say, "Hey, I like you", like hydration encouragement.
I own a couple insulated Polar Bottles. They keep my beverages icy-chill.
Polar Bottle Love Birds Water bottle: $15

Wear your love for bikes.
Pedal Pushers Club Women's Bike Hearts V-Neck $15 & Mens Original SUV mtb tee $22:

Handmade wearables from independet companies are always a winner.
On my personal wishlist the Denny Blaine U-lock Fanny Pack from Swift Industries $35:

Also handmade here in the U. S. of A.
AllOneWord Hedgehog cycling cap $40:

Bike Gear.
A multi-tool! Rescue yourself or be the hero.
There are a lot of great multi's out there, head to your local bike shop and see what brand's they have in stock. The Park Tool I-Beam mini is one I was looking at for the hubby, it's light weight, has a chain tool, spoke wrench and is reasonably priced: $25

Fenders. Winter is still here and the spring, rainy weather will soon follow. Help your sweety keep their bottom dry. For a road, commuter, hybrid or touring type bike.
SKS Longboard fender set have full coverage and are not too rough on the budget $45:

For the fatbike rider check out Portland Design Works Dave's Mud Shovel fenders front and rear $48:

A good set of lights goes a long way.
For the commuter, rails to trails, weekend warrior or utility cyclists a Planet Bike Blaze 1W & Superflash light set $60:

There are a ton of awesome bike related products out there that say, "I want you to be my bike riding Valentine." 


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