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Bicycle Valentines gift ideas for him & her

Valentine's has become another day to buy your significant other a gift. I'm not opposed to this. I like gifts, but prefer the ones that don't break the bank. Here are a few Valentine's gift ideas for the bicycle loving friend, spouse, or significant other in your life.

Inexpensive and fun.
Give the gift of "Get out of my way" "Coming through", "On your left", "Ding, ding"
Nutcase Love Bell : $15

Nothing say, "Hey, I like you", like hydration encouragement.
I own a couple insulated Polar Bottles. They keep my beverages icy-chill.
Polar Bottle Love Birds Water bottle: $15

Wear your love for bikes.
Pedal Pushers Club Women's Bike Hearts V-Neck $15 & Mens Original SUV mtb tee $22:

Handmade wearables from independet companies are always a winner. On my personal wishlist the Denny Blaine U-lock Fanny Pack from Swift Industries $35:

Also handmade here in the U. S. of A. AllOneWord Hedgehog cycling cap $40:

Bike Gear. A mul…

Bike Shops - Selling to Women

Last Sept. at the Bicycle Industry mega-show, Interbike, I stole away a few minutes’ in-between appointments to attend a seminar, “The 7 Deadly Sins of Selling to Women” with Bridget Brennan. Bridget Brenan is the author of“Why She Buys” an in-depth look at women shoppers, they’re buying habits, what’s important to them and why women should be important to companies out there. She also owns and runs a consulting firm exclusively on marketing and selling to women.
The seminar was based on bike shops. The room was about halfway full of shop employees, sadly very few men. Bridget had gone to multiple bike shops and had shopping experiences from a beginner cyclist point of view. And as you are probably guessing, her experiences were not great.But, let’s not dwell on what some bike shops are not doing right, let’s look at what shops can do to make their store more appealing to women. I've mixed Bridget's recommendations with my own retail experience and knowledge of wh…