New Year's Resolution's - priority kids

Most of us make New Year's resolutions, some we keep, some just don't make it or maybe don't matter. I felt I achieved an "accomplished" stamp in 2014 for slowing down, very few things are worth the stress and danger of rushing. I still get caught up in a "rush", but I've improved.

This year a tragic loss has happened to a new acquaintance. I read about parents losing their children at a young age often in media, most of the time I can't finish these articles. Its to heartbreaking.  

Anyone who knows me, knows my children are my priority in life. Like most parents, I try and be the best Mom I know how to be.

This recent tragic sadness has made me really look at how much time I spend with my kids, how much I travel for work, why we have not moved to a town that would be more beneficial for our kids, etc. A typical list of parent wants and needs for their kids.

So, long story short. My resolution is to spend every minute I can with my children.
When I asked them what their resolutions were, my son said "to listen better, fish and camp more", my daughter "ride my bike and sew on the sewing machine more". Both of those fall perfectly in line with my desire to be around them, encourage them, teach them and just enjoy their presence.

Happy New Year people.


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